a democracy in Iraq is quite unlikely for now or any time soon

Hello Baruch,

Do you think some companies are prone to have more closet Spinozists than others? I do, and I think Apple is one of them. It looks like one of their programmers was compelled to inject some “adequate knowledge” into Mac OS X’s default dictionary application:

a democracy in Iraq is quite unlikely for now or any time soon

A blog investigated the provenance of that line. It sure wasn’t put there by Oxford University Press, says a flack there, suggesting instead that somebody at Apple did so.


One thought on “a democracy in Iraq is quite unlikely for now or any time soon”

  1. Actually the rogue programmer would NOT be a Spinozist in my eyes. As the blog makes clear, Iraq is, technically, a democracy. Whether it is a “good” democracy, or one that will persist, is a completely different matter.

    Spinoza wants us to view the world as it is, not as we imagine it. He also spends a lot of time on definitional accuracy.

    Moreover, I cannot think of a company less stuffed with Spinozists than AAPL. Its failed megalomaniacal, monopolistic tendencies, its refusal to share/license (unlike blessed Microsoft), its overweening arrogance, all these things smack of a bunch of Stupid Cartesians.

    I do not think many companies have Spinozist tendencies. But the short list of tech companies that do include Nokia and TomTom. Optical telecoms equipment companies like Ciena or ADVA are also Spinozist, but only insofar as optics was a pursuit of Spinoza himself. Did you get your N95 yet? They are out in the UK at least.

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