Found One!

A barbarian, I mean. A real one. That Wolfowitz, he of the crusade against corruption at the World Bank. As this article makes painfully clear, a more fatuous hypocrite there rarely was.

I, Baruch, am in fact partially responsible for the exposure of his calumny. Interesting but true, a very dear friend of mine is the reporter at the FT who scooped the story good and proper. I stayed at his house in DC, and attended a dinner party/barbecue he was supposed to have thrown. He had to spend the evening speaking on the phone to his editor and trying to get a UK libel lawyer to sign off on the charges, instead. And I, Baruch, made my journalist friend a hamburger, fully aware as I was of the final justice of the cause. He would not have eaten otherwise, and might just have conked out, mid paragraph, before they could put it up on the web.


2 thoughts on “Found One!”

  1. What strikes me as especially telling is the Bush administration’s defence of Wolfie. It is clear that he is the last person a World Bank focused on anti-corruption should have as its president, no matter what his development credentials — which were otherwise pretty good I have to say. Perhaps that makes him a Stupid Cartesian as well.

    Which makes it look unlikely to me that the WH ever really believed in the anti-corruption part of the Wolfowitz agenda. Instead it looks more likely that Wolfowitz was installed as a way of increasing American power; by adding the explicit or implicit threat of withholding development aid to the US diplomatic arsenal. I should think that is pretty uppermost in the minds of the non-US members of World Bank board right now.

  2. Hmm. Can barbarians really be undone by what is clearly one of the following:

    1) Excessive doting by Wolfie on his sweetheart, and only wanting the best for her, beyond all reasonable bounds, because he can.

    2) Submitting to the furious demands of a Lady Macbeth who will withhold sexual favors to Wolfie until and unless she is compensated for this clear impediment to her ambitions (to such an extent that shagging him turns out to have been quite a good idea).

    I think number 2 is more probable, don’t you think. I’ve always suspected that Wolfie had a submissive streak in him. He’s probably enjoying the humiliation.

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