Ultima Barbarorum, Mr Mayor

I think it is time for us to start endorsing presidential candidates, Bento. Spinoza would likely be fairly ambivalent where the traditional platforms of political parties in the US are concerned, though the current Republican party would probably be anathema. But let’s assume he would choose one candidate from both.

 Of the current Democratic crop of candidates, I am not sure what he would think of John Edwards. I think he would disqualify Hilary on the sole grounds that she is a woman, sadly. They weren’t very liberated in that sense in the 1670s. Obama? I would like to think so. But we cannot say either way. He might not have met many black people either. As Goldstein points out, that age was obsessed with hair. Let’s say he would endorse Edwards, then.

Republicans are even harder. He might secretly like McCain, but would be rather sickened at the compromises Old Potato Face has had to make in order to win. His performance on the Daily Show certainly made me cringe. He could endorse Mitt Romney too, were he in a mischevious mood. I mean, everyone knows someone just made Mormonism up; nothing would undermine the religious right more than kow-towing to one of them. Unless of course he were Wiccan. So let’s say Thompson, the faut de mieux candidate, if he runs.

Whatever. If I am doing a pretty bad job of imagining who Spinoza would support, I do think I know whose nomination he would do almost anything to prevent: Rudy. Andrew Sullivan, thankfully back from holiday, has enunciated the case against Rudy best. It’s worth reading.