Pope is a Dope

Benedict thinks Marxism and “Capitalism” are equally bad. This speech seems to have been a very self-unaware exercise in hypocrisy.

He . . . raged with equal fire against Marxism and capitalism. By focusing solely on material concerns, he said, they “falsify the notion of reality by detaching it from the foundational and decisive reality which is God.”

As opposed to falsifying the notion of reality by believing in The Magic Book. 

Marxism, he said, left “a sad heritage of economic and ecological destruction.” Capitalism, he said, has failed to bridge the “distance between rich and poor” and is “giving rise to a worrying degradation of personal dignity through drugs, alcohol and deceptive illusions of happiness.”

I grant Marxism its net negative impact. I wonder whether we can say the same of capitalism. I question whether capitalism is even an “ism”. I don’t think addiction to drugs and alcohol really ranks alongside the many 10s of millions of deaths and ruined lives we can put at the feet of communism, or indeed the millions killed in religious wars in centuries past and the genocidal colonisation of South America. And don’t get me started on “deceptive illusions of happiness”.


One thought on “Pope is a Dope”

  1. the beauty of a life that indulges in alcohol and rug abuse is that you rarely remember why it was so bad in the first place, except sometimes when it gets really bad, but then nothing worth having is free, except freedom. or did i get that backwards?
    great work on spinoza. he is a tuff-minded little sumbitch

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