When used in a hospital setting, can Spinoza be sterilized?

Ha ha, luckily they are only talking about a cuddly bear robot for sick kids. This is what you get when you google “Spinoza”. But we go straight from entries for Wikipedia and philosophic encyclopediae to the cuddly bear. Where are the other sites like ours? This one, where if you look hard enough you can find some limited exposure to Spinoza from a nice-looking, beardy professor at a community college in California, looks very interesting indeed, but unlike ours is not constantly updated. It doesn’t treat Spinozan thought as real and alive. I never heard of the Friesian school before. Of course, you haven’t either, Bento you ignoramus.

We are number ONE in a field of er, one! We are huge winners, Bento, we have found a gap in the market! Riches and academic recognition are sure to start flowing any minute.