More stuff to blog, no effing time

Things I wanted to write about this week, and still hope to:

  • Allan Bloom is (or rather was) NOT, as previously advertised, a dick. I apologise for that. Although he did like them. I finished The Closing of the American Mind and understood and appreciated the thesis. Some small nits to pick, but a valuable thing to read and internalise as to why we have forgotten not just Spinoza, but the foundation of classical liberal thought itself. We see the results around us.
  •  It is clear I need to understand more about the nature of information and entropy (see comments), so I read a book about it. Seth Lloyd says the universe is a quantum computer whose computations are the movements of information that define the world we experience. Mixing this in with Spinoza’s conception of god and nature, and the thesis that god is information itself, seems a very promising avenue for the Spinozist to amble down. God as Multivac.
  • If the universe, or any spontaneously generated complex system, can be thought of as a type of computer, with bits and ops, which can sometimes halt or crash, then surely so can financial markets. Information theory, and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, would also seem to apply here. Is the increasing complexity and multi-core built-in redundancies of financial markets, and thereby their computational power, one of the factors behind the amazing stability of the global financial system in the past 20 years? Could it even be a quantum computer? Probably not. Probably a multi-core Santa Rosa. How would financial markets perform AND, NOT and COPY ops? Can I make money off this?

More on these when I have time.