Barking in Kentucky

Documenting the mass idiocy that is American religious extremism is like shooting fish in a barrel. Take this unfailingly polite BBC article for example:

I was at the Creation Museum in Kentucky, the day after it opened, a moment evangelicals should really have been celebrating with great gusto. And to an extent they were. […]

[One parent] asked me almost plaintively whether I was convinced by the museum’s planetarium where the sun was created after the Earth. I had to be honest and say that I was not, but I felt quite sorry as I did.

I like the idea of these people being embarrassed in public by the utter outrageousness of their beliefs. I wonder if the museum, by attempting to make flesh what was until now a mere figment of their imagination, might not have an effect opposite to the intended one.

Cheers, Bento.


One thought on “Barking in Kentucky”

  1. This museum is just a naked attempt to make money off the otherwise hapless fundamentalist punter, to my mind. And the sad thing is that no matter how influential a lobby the fundamentalist right is, everyone who sells them stuff seems to have contempt for them.

    When we were in the US recently my Southern Baptist sister in law played her daughter and my 4-year old an educational, kiddie DVD she said was made by her business-school friend’s new company.

    “And he’s gay,” she added. Why that was interesting was that the DVD was also a christian educational DVD after the fashion of that godawful Baby Einstein brand. “Ka-ching”, I thought, seeing the VC pitch in my mind (underserved market, attractive, growing niche, Baby Einstein lacks religious content important for the segment).

    I sat through it, determined to provide context to my daughter so she wouldn’t get brainwashed into turning godly. I needn’t have worried: the story was of Jonah and the Whale. It started badly: “Jonah swam away from god,” started the narration. “This story shows what happens if we don’t listen to god.” But as the rest of the DVD made clear, the major consequence of cartoon jonah not listening to god was having a quite nice swim under the sea to classical music, and looking at short videos of fish, shellfish, and other sea creatures. And what struck me was this: they were ALL having SEX. The octopodes were spraying sperm at each other. The gastropods too. All the featured fish were clearly engaged in mating rituals. I pointed this out, got violently hushed, but I thought I could see my sister-in-law’s cogs whirring.

    I think we can say the same thing for how christianists have been treated by the Bush administration. Duped on every side.

    In the end then, Bento, you agree with the otherwise polite BBC man; he too thinks that what they really want is too unacceptable to the greater population as a whole. It’s the same calculation Karl Rove might have found himself forced to make in the end.

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