Apologies for blogging hiatus. Baruch’s wife went back to work. It doesn’t just mean fewer hot dinners when your beloved correspondent returns, exhausted from a hard day lens-grinding, but also a range of new duties such as baby feeding, child entertaining, baby washing, child washing, child catching before child washing, hula dancing, cooking, shopping, pizza-sourcing, reading out loud, and guarding against horrible monsters living in closets.

Anyway, these are all impediments to philosophising Spinoza didn’t have to deal with, which is my excuse for not yet having developed a new system of thought to take humanity to the next level of development, as he did. Nevertheless, my mind remains active and engaged. Coming up on Ultimi Barbarorum:

  • The Economist: possibly the worst investment adviser ever. Buttonwood gets a deserved fisking, I hope.
  • Didn’t Empirica go bust? Naseem Taleb’s new book. What does it all mean?
  • Baruch plows through the Tractatus. This is slow going, however, as he is trying to read it off his computer; he is too cheap to actually buy it.

Stay tuned, absolute excitement is imminent!