Islamic Spinoza wannabes get organised

Seeing so many in the Muslim world getting het up about Salmon Rushdie getting his knighthood makes me think they’re going to go nuts for this new pressure group: the Council of ex-Muslims of Britain.

Actually it begs a question. Is there such a thing as excommunication in Islam? Apparently there is, but it seems in Shia doctrine both parties have to consent to it. This would seem reasonable, humane even, were it not for the instant fatwa of death that often follows.


One thought on “Islamic Spinoza wannabes get organised”

  1. No, Takfir requires just one party to really lose it.

    But what is interesting, and I read this in a book by a “liberal” Muslim legal expert, is that Takfir is not really sufficient cause for execution, because Mohammed (Please Be Upon Him) himself had relations with clans who converted and uncoverted to and from Islam several times, as convenience dictated in those uncertain times. Do as the prophet does, most Muslim scholars agree, which apparently means you can interact with apostates in ways that do not involve cutting their heads off.

    BUT: What is really not appreciated, I found out when I read the last chapter in this liberal muslim legal expert’s book, is the deliberate insult of God and the prophet, for example by calling the Koran a silly little book if God does not exist. That latter statement comes from Rushdie’s Satanic Verses, and this Muslim scholar uses it as proof that Sir Salman was deliberately insulting Islam, and that the punishment for that is always death, ergo you get the picture — most disappointing.

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