July 4 in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Just look at these losers, Baruch. Yes, there is plenty to complain about when it comes to US conduct on the world stage these last few years — but does it really mean you have to go hoist a North-Korean flag on the main square of Stockholm’s old town on July 4? And raise your fist in support of the Iraqi insurgency? And root for Castro?

Everybody else on the lovely medieval square, mostly tourists, were trying not to get upset with the very loud PA system that these people had found and had turned to 11. What I think was obvious to all except the protesters is that they were making the case far more clearly than anyone else could have on July 4 why a prosperous open democracy is the best of all possible worlds. Among an informed and well-off electorate, such as the one in Sweden, the fringe is fringe for a reason: They’re idiots.

(Video taken with a Nokia N95)


One thought on “July 4 in Gamla Stan, Stockholm”

  1. Agreed. Ha ha let them live under Kim, see whether he’d let them protest so loudly. And such a disorganised display too, surely they could have found a way to choreograph it better, using a cast of thousands each holding up double sided placards with “Du kann inte har en bil” on one side and a picture of Dubya being eaten by running dog-vultures on the other.

    Paper tigers, the lot of them.

    Note there is no way you could have taken that vid with an iPhone, clunky as your N95’s GNU might be.

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