Prime Spinozist?

I, Baruch, am actually quite impressed with Gordon Brown. I was fully prepared to dislike him intensely, but he has not just weathered (for now) a brief if incompetent Islamic bombing campaign without trying to whip up public hysteria to try to repeal say, the right to jury trials or what’s left of habeus corpus in the UK, now he has also suggested a rather Spinozist series of measures concerning the UK constitution. Admittedly, it is teensy tiny steps, but in comparison to the relentless march of executive authority under Tony Blair, it is big news. I imagine it would have made bigger headlines, but it was largely buried by the combustible NHS doctors.

Do you think we can anoint him a provisional Fellow Collegiant, Bento?


2 thoughts on “Prime Spinozist?”

  1. Wow, lowering the voting age to 16? Impressive. Conservatives will fight that one tooth and nail, however, as we all know youth = idealism = socialism = Labour voters.

  2. I think after 10 years of New Labour, the values of “idealism” and “socialism” are no longer associated closely with that particular brand.

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