Does God have call waiting?

Alastair Campbell’s “diary” is out, and we may well have the final piece in the puzzle to explain what the hell propelled Britain to support and participate in the war in Iraq:

It turns out Tony Blair, just like dubya, speaks to his maker. I wonder if they had conference calls?

To lose one western leader to cretinism is unfortunate, to lose two could be considered catastrophic. What is really galling is that unlike in the US, where dubya is surrounded by true believers, Blair was not, and yet his cabinet rubber-stamped the decision to wage war despite many of them being made physically ill from it. What were they thinking?! I guess we have a new puzzle on our hands.


One thought on “Does God have call waiting?”

  1. I think I disagree with the “Stupid Cartesian” classification, these people are fully-formed Barbarians.

    Possibly 650k, 700k dead, and a tactical and strategic defeat for our political and diplomatic system, Bento. You could have argued that it would have occurred whether the UK was involved or not, but they were involved, they were part of it and made the active choice to be there. It doesn’t get more barbaric than that.

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