A Boy called Hell

This made me laugh at first, then made me unaccountably depressed. A 5-year old boy, Max, bullied at his present school in Australia, is denied admission to an Catholic school due to his surname — Hell. Anyone with a smattering of German would find it a perfectly good name.

I don’t know which I despise more. The doctrinaire religious, or Australians. I dislike Australians a lot. They are the only people I am racist about — not the aboriginals, clearly, the white ones. I decided this after having discovered through conversations with many of them that Australians are the most ignorant and racist people in the world, so I thought I would let them know in my own small way how that feels. My anti-Australianism is in fact the only racism I know of based in fact and grounded on good science; of course, they are selected from the criminal rejects of the UK’s own gene pool, sent abroad, deselected, if you will, for their various failings. I fel sure that Spinoza, had he met any Australians, would have agreed.

SO my question for you, Bento: did the school authorities act so inhumanely and ignorantly because they were religious or because they were Australian?


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  1. Surely you didn’t think this diatribe would go unanswered by your one, and imminently lost, Australian reader? Indeed, the “many of them” you have conversed with is a reliable indication of the racial tendencies of all 21 million of us. If your inquiring mind bothered to check the facts you would have learnt that Michael McGrath, the Principal of St Peter Apostle Primary and the local Parish Priest – Fr Greg Bourke – are both chaps from our “beloved” mother country- the UK! The answer to your question is simple, fool – the school authorities acted inhumanely because they were religious. I thought South Afrikaners were the most racist people on earth after spending 5 years there but now that I live in live in the USA I have changed my mind. As racist as we Aussies may seem to you we don’t hold a candle to the good folk of these 2 nations. A few facts that challenge your prejudice against Australia – following WW ,WW2 and the Vietnam War Australia took in more migrants from Europe and Vietnam, per head of population, than any other nation on earth. I might add Australia was the first and remains among a minority of nations that have “Compulsory Voting Laws”. How much more inclusive can you get than that?…forcing minorities and the less politically active to have their voices heard? Did you know that Australia also has the highest foreign born population on earth – http://migration.ucdavis.edu/mn/more.php?id=3292_0_5_0

  2. Hear hear, I Bento have no problems with the Aussies either, I lived there for four years and loved it.

  3. Proudly, you disgusting Aussie-lover, I stack up your pro-Australian bias and so called “facts” against the two, TWO (ie a representative sample), sets of Australians I have conversed with and who made racist remarks so far in my life; I find you wanting. I decided after the second conversation that the people I was talking to were not nice, and I was going to make the same atavistic determination for all of their fellow-countrymen that this couple had made about a bunch of others (like the Chinese). It is only fair, it was what they were doing too, and they expected me to understand. Clearly I did, and took it one step further. Tragically, I realised that arbitrarily deciding that ALL Australians were racists would mean innocents, the no doubt small minority who are not racist, would be tarred with the same , sweeping brush, but as with all racism, this is par for the course; it would let them know how it feels. If it seems unfair, it may help you to know I was in a bad mood at the time; I was jet-lagged, and in an absurd revolving restaurant at the top of a tall building in Auckland.

    Compulsory voting? That’s so barbaric.

    Keep reading the blog, though if you persist in your complaints I will deploy the yoghurt joke.

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