Did you know that every day, 150,000 people die?

OMG, Baruch — yes, weird evangelic preachers are a dime a dozen, but some are so much more entertaining than others. Via this interview with an ex-80s sitcom start I was led to The Way of the Master, which you really need to sit back and relax and enjoy — it’s aimed at people like us! Can I recommend their segment on evolution and atheism (option 2)?

(BTW, Mac users will have to go to Hell as these videos won’t run on that operating system.)


One thought on “Did you know that every day, 150,000 people die?”

  1. Who cares if 150,000 people die every day? Obviously its not enough as the world is drowning in over population. I really want to get a baseball bat and shove up “activists” a. holes for being in favor of saving even MORE people to flood and destroy even MORE of our WORLD. DOWN WITH CIVILIZATION!

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