Put another Aussie on the barbie, Bruce

Our 5 regular readers know this site irrationally hates white Australians  because they are all racists without exception. We had 6 readers before I, Baruch, published the post behind the link; erstwhile reader Proudly Arsetralian (that’s how they talk) took exception to our bigotry about his fellow-countryuntermenschen, and childishly (it’s just like them to act in this way) threatened to tear up his subscription or something.

Imagine my surprise at seeing this fascinating survey of levels of bigotry in western countries, in a sister site next to our friend Felix’s wildly successful econoblog. Australians, it turns out, are a lot less racist than almost everyone else; I note though that no-one asked them about Jews and Muslims (I bet because they hate Jews and Muslims), and they do seem to dislike gays more than most. I was troubled, if not surprised, to see that Greece comes off rather badly but I was surprised by Italy’s high levels of bigotry. Spain’s antisemitism is a very interesting phenomenon; an echo of the Inquisition that hounded Spinoza’s ancestors? Luckily for everyone we have the Northern Irish, who are reliably awful. Unluckily for them, northern Ireland is not in fact a country.


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  1. It struck me, Bento my dear silent colleague, that strictly speaking a White Australian should be called a “Down-unter mensch”. What do you think of that?

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