Pope: Lack of evidence of God is a test

Baruch, sometimes the credulous make mocking them rather too easy. You may have read a few weeks ago that God never did get in touch with Mother Theresa, as revealed in her letters to confidants. Now the pope tells us why:

Pope says Mother Teresa felt “God’s silence”

LORETO, Italy (Reuters) – Pope Benedict said on Saturday that even the late Mother Teresa of Calcutta “suffered from the silence of God” despite her immense charity and faith. […]

It is significant that the Pope mentioned Mother Teresa’s torment about God’s silence as not being unusual because there was some speculation that the letters could hurt the procedure to make her a saint. […]

He said believers sometimes had to withstand the silence of God in order to understand the situation of people who do not believe. (my italics)

That, I posit, is a brilliant variation on the creationists’ explanation for why there are fossils in the ground: So that believers can understand the situation of people who base their beliefs on the evidence around them.