Gee Nee Ussssss

My long RIMM short AAPL trade is doing very well, up almost 20%. Admittedly it is more being long RIMM than being short AAPL (which was the point of the original post) which has made me the money, and if I had not been short AAPL but just naked long RIMM I’d be up 36%. I hate paired trades, think they are a useless hedge fund conceit. Still, one in the eye for Felix, I suppose, serves him right for not including Ultimi Barbarorum in his much-linked-to pantheon of “econoblogs”. What is an econoblog anyway? Silly idea. Had there been a category for “pseudo-philosophical claptrap which increasingly meanders into pointless discourses about markets and stuff”, we would have been mentioned for sure.

I have been stuck writing an over-long, over-involved blog post all week, inspired by Zubin Jelveh’s fascinating post on a thought experiment to describe how the Quant hedge fund guys all blew up in August. It opens up so many thoughts, avenues of enquiry and theories on the market that I just got lost; I feel I need to write a book on it or something. I’ll try and get a shorter version out this weekend.


2 thoughts on “Gee Nee Ussssss”

  1. Sorry, Baruch. Apparently Felix felt that there should be only one blog cited in the “pseudo-philosophical claptrap which increasingly meanders into pointless discourses about markets and stuff” category, and due to a surprise cerebral stroke he chose mine. Feel free to get pissed at me.

    On the positive side, however, you are raking in the dough in bucketfuls, while I watch over dusty tumbleweeds cavorting about the empty desert that used to be the M&A market. If this doesn’t improve soon, Winnipeg is going to look too expensive for vacation. Blech.

  2. Yes, I was very cross with you and still am; what made it worse was having it shoved down my throat on every step of my daily and weekly blog crawl. Was there anyone who didn’t link to Felix’s crude and misleading list? To misquote Gore Vidal, “every time someone I know succeeds, a little part of me dies.”

    Hearing business is less than brisk helped me forgive you. Hey, it can’t be that bad, I’ve spent all my time doing “merger arb” this week, which is not normal for me. All this Nokia-Navteq-Garmin-Tele Atlas-TomTom brouhaha. My suggestion: stop pitching to these PE bozos and start hanging out with the friendless tech bankers in the unfashionable end of the cafeteria. Grow a big moustache like Frank Quattrone if it helps. I reckon there’ll be lot of stuff going on there in the next few years.

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