Hitch redux: the Atheist jihad?

Don’t quite know what to make of this (via Andrew Sullivan), Bento: “The way to win the war is to kill so many Moslems that they begin to question whether they can bear the mounting casualties.” — though note this is only a third-hand reading.

Perhaps he was just out to annoy as many people as possible, in the old game of “bait the lefty”. Seems to have succeeded.


2 thoughts on “Hitch redux: the Atheist jihad?”

  1. Wow. Hitchens appears to have completely lost it. The problem with saying such stuff at an atheist forum is that it can e presented to Muslims as an example of how all atheists are out to get them. Sort of like how MEMRI finds some Muslim lunatics and then portrays them as the mainstream. Bad for peace and understanding, this is.

  2. I think we may need to be more circumspect, Bento. I read a couple other accounts of the speech and it may not have been so clearly cut nasty. Maybe Hitch can be rescued from demotion to “barbarian”, and remain merely a “stupid cartesian”.

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