Cosmopolitan does these better

Baruch loves a good quiz. “Where do you stand in the culture wars” sounded great! There are a lot of genuine issues upon which students and adherents to the enlightenment — like ourselves, Bento — can disagree. But this was a rubbish quiz in the end, not even interactive, and most of all so very very obvious and tired. I knew straight away what Iwas supposed to answer to score well. Plus I had to look at a picture of that supercilious nimrod Martin Amis as I did it. Like the stuff you can read on the WSJ op ed page every day, it was full of false choices :

If you think Bush is a fascist and Castro is a progressive, you are not a democrat. If you think cultural traditions can trump women’s rights, you are not a feminist. And if you think antisemitic rants are simply an expression of frustration with American and Israeli policy, you have learnt nothing from history.

What if you think Bush is a fascist and Castro is an unpleasant tinpot dictator? If you would fight someone who would make it compulsory for moslem communities but think banning the veil is illiberal? If you think the policies of Israel in Palestine, and the US’ implicit support of them, are evil and stupid without recourse to anything like antisemitism? It makes me very cross.