Tinky Winky gets away with it again.


With the news that the junior “New Potato” of the Kasczinsky duo has likely been ousted by grey-suited (even greyer than the rest of Poland), po-faced so-called “pro-business” Eurocrat-lovers in the latest election in Poland, Baruch has to ask whether the investigation into Tinky-Winky’s (the middle Teletubby in the picture above, here feeling up Dipsy and La La) sexual status will now be derailed for the predictable “political” reasons.

It is also depressing that the twins will now no longer rule Poland together. It was a touching story: identical twins (some say separated Siamese!), ex child stars, grow up (sort of, they are both very short) to rule Poland together as President and Prime Minister, with a political platform inspired by figures like Jerry Falwell, Jean-Marie le Pen, Pat Buchanan and Pee Wee Herman. The only consolation is that no-one actually knows which one of the brothers is or was Prime Minister, so now both are likely to take turns as President.

Tinky Winky, by the way, is definitely gay, with his stupid great handbag and effete ways. It is appalling that, like with Clinton and Tony Blair, everyone who opposes him comes to a sticky end, or languishes in obscurity. How does he get away with it?