If this is moderation, who needs extremists?

Baruch, I am indebted to Elijah Zarwan for pointing us to a recent WSJ article about Yusuf al-Badri, an Egyptian cleric famous for litigating against anything he deems not sufficiently Islamic. The list of “offenses” he’s gone to court against is not nearly as depressing as the number of victories he’s had. Read the article and see. By the last paragraph, the story takes a turn for the surreal:

Another recent case of Mr. El-Badry has Cairo’s intellectual set fuming. A few years ago, he sued poet Ahmed Abdel Moety Hegazi and a local magazine for libel. He claimed an article Mr. Hegazi wrote effectively called him an extremist. In December 2006, a court upheld a ruling ordering the defendants to pay Mr. El-Badry about $3,500.

Verdict: Yusuf al-Badri is a barbarian.