Lose your mind, find God

Sad sad story, Baruch. The NYT piece takes a while to get going, but make sure you read until the actual interview with once-prominent atheist Antony Flew:

I pointed out to him that in his earlier philosophical work he argued that the mere concept of God was incoherent, so if he was now a theist, he must reject huge chunks of his old philosophy. “Yes, maybe there’s a major inconsistency there,” he said, seeming grateful for my insight. And he seemed generally uninterested in the content of his book — he spent far more time talking about the dangers of unchecked Muslim immigration and his embrace of the anti-E.U. United Kingdom Independence Party.

As he himself conceded, he had not written his book.

“This is really Roy’s doing,” he said, before I had even figured out a polite way to ask. “He showed it to me, and I said O.K. I’m too old for this kind of work!”

Elsewhere the article got my blood boiling when Christianists once again misrepresent Einstein’s views of religion, as in this narrated video:

Meanwhile, a narrator, talking as photographs of Werner Heisenberg and Albert Einstein appear on screen and Vivaldi plays in the background, says things like, “Many of the greatest scientists of all time” believed that “the intelligence of the universe, its laws, points to an intelligence that has no limitation.”

No! Albert Einstein is one of us. He must not be usurped by these mendicant credulists!


2 thoughts on “Lose your mind, find God”

  1. This saddens me – as much for the decline of an inquiring mind as anything.

    the religious-facisti though will never be able to claim Einstein!!

  2. Quite right Baruch! I just bought an Einstein biography, I am very keen to open it up and see what is what. Poor Tony Flew, it seems he belongs to another, kinder, gentler, agreeable and above all more trusting age. But apart from all the mystical mumbo jumbo, it would seem that he, too is one of us, a Spinozist at heart. Remember that we believe in “god” (no capitalisation) too!

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