I say imported, you say exported…

Baruch: I was in a hotel room in Berlin scanning the news, doing a pretty good job of filtering out the ads, but then one ad caught my eye. It was a video of kids jumping on “imported” oranges, followed by an invite to see more uses for “imported” oranges.


Considering that they don’t grow oranges in Germany, I was curious as to what might justify such a monumental waste. Turns out there is a farmer Dave, supported by the Co-op of Florida Citrus Growers, who runs a blog inciting violence on foreign oranges, where by foreign he means not from the US, as opposed to not from Germany. Silly me!

Strangely, his motivation does not seem to be that domestic oranges are better, but that imported oranges are offensive to him. Two thoughts come to mind:

  1. I wonder if this kind of naked nationalism resonates among US readers of Yahoo news. It’s an honest question.
  2. I am going to click on every such ad I see by the Co-op of Florida Citrus Growers, but only when outside the United States. Serves them right for being oblivious to the existence of the rest of the world.

One thought on “I say imported, you say exported…”

  1. Wouldn’t Florida oranges be more likely to be GM-modified monstrosities, seedless, dyed orange, waxed and insipid? Give me a nice greenish forrin orange every time.

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