An Immanent Age

Baruch, you may well already be aware of Charles Taylor’s book A Secular Age, which regards the perceived retreat of religion from the public sphere in the west as a regretful trend. Obviously, we do not (nor am I convinced that in the US this is the case). A great post by The Immanent Frame looks at how Taylor (mis-)characterizes Spinoza’s views when evaluating our hero’s contribution to secularism. Well worth a read for Spinoza aficionados out there.


One thought on “An Immanent Age”

  1. To be honest Bento, I had no idea what this guy was writing about. Also I don’t think this Taylor book is anything to write home about, if the Templeton Prize is what I think it is, which would be an award by the Templeton Foundation for the best pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo claptrap book now extant.

    The Templeton Foundation has spent millions in order to discover, inter alia, that intercessionary prayer on behalf of the sick has no health benefits, and in fact knowing you are being prayed about is more likely to make you sicker!

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