Shouting in Tights

Ooh Bento! Look at this! The meme started by Rebecca Goldstein propagates! A Broadway production about Spinoza’s trial! I wonder how long the run will last; is a broadway audience able to put up with an hour and a half of fairly dense, if suprisingly approachable, Spinozist philosophy? I hope so.

The NYT reviewer, one Charles Isherwood, does not endear himself to me. “You may have no idea what he’s going on about,” he writes of Spinoza’s philosophy, “Spinoza’s work is famously dense.” So evidently is this Isherwood person, who has clearly not been reading UB. But he manages to make the play sound pretty interesting.

Normally I abhor the theatre, which to me is all shouting in tights, as someone put it (but is of course not as bad as ballet). However, I would definitely see this. Bento, when you have finished tramping around Ethiopia, maybe we could meet up where it is playing and see it together! Or perhaps one of our readers, based in NY (if we have one), could see it and write a guest review for us.


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  1. “Mr. Ives has strayed a long way from 42nd Street, into territory more suited, it would seem, to the likes of Tom Stoppard. One fears footnotes.”

    Having just seen Rock ‘n’ Roll, I almost feel obligated…

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