Baruch, I’d like to put an end to a long absence to this blog by introducing you to Simbabwe. Yes, it is a simulation game, like SimCity or Civilization, except you get to run Zimbabwe into the ground as quickly as possible.


It’s pure ironic game-making brilliance, in the true sense or irony — some of the commenters on the site don’t seem to get the point of the game.

That said, I do wish it was a true simulation of an economy in hyperinflation. Couldn’t we get the World Bank interested in building something like it, you think?


2 thoughts on “Simbabwe”

  1. I am living in sodding Zimbabwe, it feels like. No sign yet when i will get my computer back, and i think the Toshiba service people do most of their recruiting from ZANU-PF or whatever Mugabe’s henchmen are called. How long can this go on? It is INHUMAN. never buy a toshiba laptop.

    I was seriously thinking about just buying a new non-Tosh one, but now I am on the hook for repairing this one I will probably end up with 2 laptops, one of which never gets used.

    Ok maybe in Zimbabwe the possibility of having a redundant laptop in the home would not be viewed as a major problem. Now I feel churlish.

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