Am I bad?

Dear agony aunt Baruch,

So I meet this girl, she appears nice, and she suggests we meet again next week — she’ll send me the invite. I’m all eager to see more of her, until I see the invite:


No, I am not alone in the big city, and I am _never_ bored, and I already have it together, thanks for asking, and a life too. But above all I cringe at the prospect of being in the company of people who think this is a cool flyer, who think those people in the pictures are archetypes of interesting potential, erm, soul mates. Double cringe.

What I want, Baruch, is my own little circle of fellow collegiants, just like Spinoza had. What’s the chances of that you think, in a country where 99% of respondents in a recent Pew poll on religiosity say you must believe in God to be moral? Here’s the chart from the PDF, page 37:


It turns out my move from Sweden to Egypt was across the biggest God-gap on Earth. No wonder I’m feeling naughty. Maybe I should go meet and greet after all. What would Spinoza do, you think?


3 thoughts on “Am I bad?”

  1. I don’t know Bento, but some of the pictures in the flyer look pretty OK. I like Tank Girl 3rd from bottom, and think she’s be able to show you a pretty interesting time in a Cairo boudoir, if you don’t mind a bit of piercing. Some of the girls look really nice. I take your point, though; the marketing message is pretty duff for a dating event. Making people thinking of attending feel a bit bad about themselves may not be the best strategy. Tip: when you go there, don’t get too much into the whole “is there a god thing” on the first date.

    Spinoza would definitely go. And he would blog it.

  2. Wait, I just read the small print in the survey on that particular question re morality and belief in god. It gets better:

    “In Egypt, no one in the sample of 1,000
    people disagrees. Out of the 1,000 Jordanians interviewed, only one person suggests it is possible
    to not believe in God and still be a moral person. “

  3. Something struck me. Let’s get this straight — this girl you met suggested that you both go on a date to this singles club. Is she weird or what?

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