Spinoza had it coming

Baruch: Spinoza had it coming!

For a twenty four year old operating in the times of fervent activities of Kabbalists and other radical and new worldviews, he received a disproportionate amount of attention from relatively liberal and enlightened Rabbinical Court of Amsterdam. I am not, G-d forbid, doubting their decision. I am sure they saw something that deserved such treatment. But there are no historical records that tell us what exactly was the cause of all this noise.

About this business of not spelling God’s name (oops): Isn’t the whole point of a name — its sole function — to unambiguously refer to one thing and not something else? In which case, isn’t calling God “G-d” or “he that shall not be named” sort of pointless if the end result is that we know who is being talked about? And I’m sure there is a tribe in PNG that has named their god “G-d”. Isn’t their god then being illegally invoked, however unintentionally? One thing we know for sure: The kind of god that cares whether you spell his name right or not is the kind of god that does not consider your ignorance of the facts a mitigating circumstance in his punishment of you.


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  1. He spelled “Christ” “Cr-st” too, which is wrong twice over. But are you sure this blogger is a barbarian? he seems to be groping towards an identification with Spinoza (though I am not sure what his point is), and does not seem antipathetic.

    He seems a bit religious about it all. Perhaps if we gently encourage him he could become an apostate too!

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