Seems like Spinozists of the world have united

Baruch! We have (gasp) competition: Necessarily Eternal: A Catablog of (All) Things Spinoza


2 thoughts on “Seems like Spinozists of the world have united”

  1. We must destroy this catablog, Bento. There can be only ONE!

    More seriously, the stuff linked to there seems pretty dryly academic, though I did read one interesting review of Goldstein by one Harold Bloom, who seemed to be a bit mad at Spinoza big problem was that he didn’t behave like a good jewish boy.

    I am on “holiday” in Greece at the moment, dear colleague, and it struck me, why does SPinoza not make more of the Greeks, who after all invented everything philosophical? I have had some thoughts about it and plan to blog them on my return.

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