They should have built the LHC under Cairo

Peter Woit: “The LHC has to have a winter shutdown so that the residents of Geneva don’t freeze to death, and that will start in late November.”

Spinoza wouldn’t have minded a lack of electricity. Oh how modern technology makes us weak and spoiled. Genevois, grow some backbone already for the sake of science.


One thought on “They should have built the LHC under Cairo”

  1. We’ll already have been turned into burrito like turds of strange matter by then. Seeing as we wil be floating about in the vacuum of space like poo-shaped asteroids, the forward price of electricity here doesn’t worry me.

    Should that not happen, note most of the scientists, running CERN happen to live in or around Geneva themselves. They probably like hot water in the morning as well, or at least the ones that wash will.

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