Oh please, Apple, let us give you more money

If ever we needed proof that Steve Jobs seems to have put the blinkers on the press, Bento, and somehow persuaded them to withhold the incisive critical analysis they have shown in other issues, such as the war in Iraq, Bento, this is it. The article strikes me as quite, quite wrong; clearly the grasp of basic commerce at the Torygraph is somewhat lacking. They have not been reading the excellent coverage of just this issue at Ultimi Barbarorum. The article is one of those “lead-up to the new iPhone” puff-pieces every serious newspaper feels it has to run ahead of this week’s product release. It states:

In a bid to take the phone to the mass market, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs has dropped his resistance to the sales techniques that have made the mobile phone the best-selling consumer electronics device of all time.

In return for allowing networks to subsidise the iPhone, it is thought that Apple will take a higher proportion of the ongoing revenues from customer usage of the phones.

The mind boggles. Presumably Apple “allowed” its executives to exercise jus primae noctis with the prettier O2 staff members as well.


One thought on “Oh please, Apple, let us give you more money”

  1. Does anybody have any idea how much of the iPhone interface is under patent?

    I’m particularly curious about the touch-screen interface. Why isn’t it being copied more slavishly?

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