Australians are horrible

Prejudice, even racism, is part of the human condition, unfortunately. We know this to be true on UB, and know also, try as we might, we can never truly escape it. So the least we can do is to make sure our prejudices are carefully selected. We hold to this, qua prejudice, in the face of sometimes contradictory evidence. We hate white australians. But just in case you had forgotten why, here’s this:

A German doctor hoping to gain permanent residency in Australia said Friday he will fight a decision by the immigration department to deny his application because his son has Down syndrome.

God knows how many while Australians there would be if they had barred the mentally disabled from entry back in the 18th and 19th Cs. Probably half their number, the other half of the population, of course, being descended from the criminally insane, a quite different thing.


4 thoughts on “Australians are horrible”

  1. Yes, and South African whites are like their evil twin sister. Two population groups caught in a time capsule!

  2. Are the public servants who made the decision white? Last time I looked around my own office, my neighbours were a Vietnamese guy, a Singaporean girl in her 20s and a Malaysian lady who’s about to retire. They’re all Aussies now, of course… do you count them as whites :)

    BTW, is the German doctor not white?

    1. No, your office neighbours don’t count as whites. They may well be Australian citizens. The German is probably white. White is OK. Non-white Australian is OK too, in fact is my favourite kind of Australian. White AND Australian is not OK. This is not hard to understand, unless you are a White Australian. Is that your secret, Monyet?

  3. so this is what the german guy said. ok. and what it is in reality ? What was the reason he got denied the application?
    On another hand – it’s good that there is at least one country that stands up and say – this is what we do, because this is what is right for us. Like it – or not.
    VS US ( for example ) that admits all the trash of the world in and then tries to figure out how to deal with powetry, hate crimes and degradation of education system etc.

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