Just in case you were feeling safer

Taleb on the beeb. Worth a look, if only to get depressed. But with the Nasdaq up like 10% in 2 days on the news that the next administration will have a Treasury Secretary (yeah!) and possibly we could have a fiscal stimulus package, we can probably withstand a bit of pessimism (more on this later, I hope). He’s probably just getting carried away.

2 totally extranous observations: first, I love the sheepish raising of the hand by Harvard’s Ken Rogoff when Taleb lays into “tie wearing economists” at grand institutions. Second, what is that strange slapping noise Taleb seems to be making with his hands? You can tell he totally ignored any advice on how to look and act normal on TV, which strangely makes him more effective.

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4 thoughts on “Just in case you were feeling safer”

  1. I wonder if his recent popularity has helped him with his woman probs. He kept ranting in FBR about dumbass traders with trophy wives, but it was obvious to anyone whoever attended even a single psych-101 he just envious.

    Apparently his tag-team appearance with Benoit Mandelbrot is not to be watched with sharp objects lying around.

    Also, please drop me a note to rusol1/at/yahoo.com as I’d like to discuss a few things about trimming the hedgies offline.

  2. LOL…when i first watched that interview on UK tv ( programme called newsnight), I kept on thinking what that chunky slapping noise was. Nevertheless Taleb is a genius and his points re: risk mgt models in i-banks is perfectly correct.

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