Peer pressure

One of the many psychological problems Baruch suffers from (in secret) is a desperate need for the respect of his peers. So when on his daily Abnormal Returns troll he saw a link to a Who’s Who of Financial Bloggers at Baruch’s now favourite blog, Reformed Broker, his heart began to beat faster. Then the memory of multiple disappointments and jealousies resurfaced (what’s that Felix Salmon got that Baruch hasn’t?) and a prophylactic, cold resignation set in. But on opening the link what should he see but his name! Right  there! Hooray! Some people actually are reading this stuff! It’s not just bear lovers, looking for pictures of bears, being diverted here by accident!

You’re there too, Bento, but I don’t know why, you are the single most useless blogging partner the world has ever seen.

Question: why the “Library”? It’s lovely being next to Footnoted and Kedrosky, of course, but Baruch was in the Library Society at school, and had he had a second go around would prefer to be with the cool kids behind the bike sheds, hopefully snogging Equity Private. One feels a bit . . . nerdy in the library.

And Broker, dude, where’s Old TED? You could put him in the category of “Kids who are grumpy but fun to hang out with”.

Belatedly, Baruch would also like to say thank you to Condor Options, who said very nice things about us last year. Apologies for being behind the curve on this but another of Baruch’s pathologies is an inability to handle compliments properly.


2 thoughts on “Peer pressure”

  1. Baruch, TED was one of my major overights, which will be corrected in the revised addition.

    Your placement in the library category is strictly meant as a compliment, owing to the erudition and scholarship of your work here on UB.

    you keep writing and I promise to keep reading!


    The Reformed Broker

    1. “Erudition and scholarship” then? Not nerdiness?

      Excellent! Library it is then!

      Seriously, thanks for the encouragement. Actually I am trying to write a bit more often at the moment. More, but shorter, posts. It may suit my schedule more; it’s tough having a day job. Let’s see how it goes.

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