There. You see?

Much is being made of this video among the various Apple groupie blogs.

Readers will of course recall the fascinating one-two punch on the iPad delivered by myself, Baruch, and my dear colleague in blogging, Bento. His contention was the the real audience for the iPad will be older people. It is, he wrote, “a complex computer, simplified”, perfect for those intimidated by all the fiddly things you have to do to make them work:

It does one thing at a time. Your finger is the cursor. There is no need to tap things twice before stuff happens. You are allowed to turn it off with the power button.

No, Baruch contended, or rather, yes, but it is also or primarily a simplified computer for busy, empowered women: who as a group are perfectly capable of doing all those fiddly things but who don’t see why they should have to.

So one might think, “bravo Bento, you finally got one over on that loudmouth Baruch; look at Virginia, the 99 year old lady in the video using the iPad as her first computer. Proof of your thesis.”

Ha! Not so fast! Because of course Virginia is also a woman.


2 thoughts on “There. You see?”

  1. Note that the US population pyramid shows about four times as many 100-year old ladies than elderly gentlemen. No data about their mental capacity, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the ladies tend to be sharper than the gents.

  2. Spinoza would not give a crap about Apple. Please stop blogging about them! See here for further clarification: . You guys are so interesting, but I’m going to delete you off my google reader soon because I can’t take all the mac idolatry. As awesome as all your other posts are, that’s how not awesome your apple posts are. Thank you!

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